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One Human at a Time

Our individual and collective responsibility to bring about positive change is immense. But how do we do? One way, as Henry Dunant did 150 years ago, is to give life to a new idea that advances humanity. More modestly, another way today is to improve how purpose-driven organizations work. Notes from my contribution to an event on Community Building & Change Management organized at the International Committee of the Red Cross in January 2018.

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Corporate Activism & Leadership Transformation

What is corporate activism? I believe it is broader than “companies taking a stance on social issues” and it has the potential to propel organizations, people and society at large into a more positive future. It is a leadership transformation tested with success in a large, global organization. In this post, I describe how it works and why more organizations should consider creating value this way.

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Leadership on the Shop Floor

Is shop floor the blind spot of leadership? For so much management and control, very little people-centered leadership seems to happen there. That's why I got so interested in my colleague Bill Murray's experiment. His team's success shows that leadership is not only possible on the manufacturing shop floor, but that it delivers exceptional results. I asked Bill to explain why and how. 

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Volunteer Power

Volunteers decide by themselves. They can say no. That’s why “volunteer” is a rarity in the corporate world, that loves nothing more than orderly management of resources. Yet, they bring invaluable energy and ideas... provided organizations learn to mobilize and leverage volunteers. Here is an example, taken from an on-going movement for quality improvement. Based on Kotter's 8-Step for leading change, it is about enabling massive volunteerism to help the organization improve.

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Can Social Be Top-Down?

Adoption is the pain point of social enterprise. While adoption rates linger at staggering low levels, critical success factors are endlessly identified, dissected and commented.

Among those is the “top management support”, often seen as the key to success. But is it really? Is it true that, to succeed, social initiatives must have a high level champion, possibly the CEO? Can a company become social if it hasn’t got its Michael Dell, a Chief Social Officer, or at least highly convinced top executives?

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Wanted: Chief Engagement Officer

Large companies are going through challenging times, both from a business and organizational standpoints. These turbulences are hitting in a particular way old, large corporations because of their limited appetence for change.

Top-down / hierarchical / controlling and risk-avoidance company cultures but also lack of diversity in executive teams, intense competitive and financial pressure for short-term results, an increasingly complex legal and regulatory environment and stringent procedures for products development & production, are all contributing to the situation. Employee disengagement is reaching worrying levels, as if the current work environment didn’t provide the motivational aspirations and perspectives it did in the past.

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