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Regain Freedom at Work

Corporate Rebels United, Rebels At Work and Change Agents Worldwide recently organized an amazing 24-hour Rebel Jam where corporate change makers from around the world shared ideas and advice. My contribution to the Jam consisted in supporting people who suffer from a controlling work culture and want to do something about it. Change agents, it’s time to be tactical! Here are 15 tips anyone can use. They’ve been useful to me and I hope they can be to others. 

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When Change Gets Rewarded

On December 2nd, 2013 I was awarded the Tribune Women’s Award. This French leading economic daily newspaper acknowledges every year the talent of women entrepreneurs and top executives. I was lucky enough to be recognized in the “international” category, a good fit with my international career path. But in this particular case, the trophy rewards a collective story of changing mindsets and organizations.

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The Disruptive Thinker Corporate Survival Kit

So…you’re a Disruptive Thinker. You work at a big company. And you want to make change happen.

I won’t dwell on the fact that you may be at the wrong place – a start-up may offer a better ecosystem for your disruptive thinking – but here you are: for many reasons, you like your job, your company, and you’re here to stay. You wouldn’t actually mind being even more recognized than today for the great value you bring

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