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Culture and the Real Impact of Change Agents - Part 2

Overcoming the simplistic opposition between “change” and “resistance to change” is I believe a service that change agents can do to their cause. Besides, change work comes with risks and responsibilities that are important to be aware of. Second part of my reflections on impact and culture change, inspired by the Berlin Change Days.

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Regain Freedom at Work

Corporate Rebels United, Rebels At Work and Change Agents Worldwide recently organized an amazing 24-hour Rebel Jam where corporate change makers from around the world shared ideas and advice. My contribution to the Jam consisted in supporting people who suffer from a controlling work culture and want to do something about it. Change agents, it’s time to be tactical! Here are 15 tips anyone can use. They’ve been useful to me and I hope they can be to others. 

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Voices Of The Corporate People

How can organizations become “social”? Adapting companies to the social economy so they can meet the requirements of empowered and connected customers requires some massive internal transformation. Even when leaders understand the necessity to shift away from old models and modernize their organizations, they hardly know where to start. Here is a suggestion: a simple framework for culture change. 

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Can Social Be Top-Down?

Adoption is the pain point of social enterprise. While adoption rates linger at staggering low levels, critical success factors are endlessly identified, dissected and commented.

Among those is the “top management support”, often seen as the key to success. But is it really? Is it true that, to succeed, social initiatives must have a high level champion, possibly the CEO? Can a company become social if it hasn’t got its Michael Dell, a Chief Social Officer, or at least highly convinced top executives?

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The Disruptive Thinker Corporate Survival Kit

So…you’re a Disruptive Thinker. You work at a big company. And you want to make change happen.

I won’t dwell on the fact that you may be at the wrong place – a start-up may offer a better ecosystem for your disruptive thinking – but here you are: for many reasons, you like your job, your company, and you’re here to stay. You wouldn’t actually mind being even more recognized than today for the great value you bring

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Good Corporate Citizens Are Dangerous

Companies love Good Corporate Citizens. You know them, they never doubt the corporate strategy is the right one, never complain about their hierarchy, they always find the CEO "inspiring" and take pride in being positive.

GCCs blame or pity their colleagues and team members who dare to express any dissatisfaction with how things work – "immature" people that have to "grow" through better frustration management. Companies love those good soldiers and gratify them with all sorts of rewards.

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