Supporting Change & Performance

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Strategize Engagement

I help design & execute change strategies powered by engagement of employees and clients

Develop Skills

I help professionals become truly engaging leaders through 1:1 and group engagement coaching

Overcome Obstacles

I help generate solutions through modern problem-solving methodologies and experiences

Inspire New Ideas

I help envision new possibilities through public speaking & events


 What’s Engagement Leadership?

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Throughout years of experience with internal and external engagement, I have developed a broad palette of methods, behaviors and tools

Community of intent facilitation, Social networking, Organizational design, Coaching, Living systems approach, Safe-to-fail experiments, Action Learning and more

Combined in ways that are tailored to your needs, they help mobilize internal and/or external stakeholders


Engagement Leadership creates additional capacity for your organization to:

  • Increase the loyalty of customers, partners and employees

  • Leverage the social, cultural and societal expectations of today

  • Move beyond customer centricity: knowledge of your customer like never before

  • Better attract and retain talents

  • Improve performance of quality

  • Optimize available resources, driving significant cost saving

  • Increase leadership at every level of the organization

  • Drive culture change – from siloed and reactive to united and innovative

  • Create sustainable business and social value


Your needs are unique. My approach is tailored to each organization. Let’s chat