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“To win and grow today, I believe organizations need to truly engage their clients, partners and employees.

This requires a deep transformation in leadership methods, tools, behaviors.

I can help”


Céline Schillinger

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Community Engager | Change Enabler | World Citizen | Eager to help!


Are you trying to increase your organization’s performance with regard to sales, quality and strategy execution? Do you need to adapt to market changes or competition?

 Do you want your staff to innovate at every level, working as one team, inspired and motivated by the needs of your clients?

 Could you benefit from more effective collaboration with your customers, suppliers, regulators?

Here is a way to finally make a real difference


In my corporate life, I have often struggled with traditional leadership and poor engagement

We can do so much better

Segmented and hierarchical, aimed at passive audiences, the common “push” relational approaches do not deliver as they used to

 To smoothly run their business, organizations constantly interact with multiple stakeholders: employees, partners, suppliers, regulators, customers... Yet the diversity of perspectives, goals and contributions, in a constantly changing world, often prevents alignment and collaboration. It slows down collective action and shrinks its outcomes

Deep social, cultural and technological shifts fundamentally impact interactions. Efficient communication requires an increased amount of effort. Precious resources – talent, information, energy… – get wasted. Organizations face mounting pressure on performance

It’s time for Engagement Leadership

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Engagement Leadership is a new way to drive collective action

It is the ability to connect people so as to achieve something together with them because they want to

It pulls energies around a common aspiration, upon which people feel empowered to act. It takes advantage of the diversity of perspectives through a combination of autonomy and collaboration

Engagement leadership fosters connections, creates movement and encourages the contribution of all

Powered by digital, at the interplay between modern management science and living systems transformation, there are new ways to work, to manufacture, to sell!

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Throughout years of experience with internal and external engagement, I have developed a broad palette of methods, behaviors and tools

Community of intent facilitation, Social networking, Organizational design, Coaching, Living systems approach, Safe-to-fail experiments, Action Learning and more

Combined in ways that are tailored to your needs, they help mobilize internal and/or external stakeholders


Engagement Leadership creates additional capacity for your organization to:

  • Increase the loyalty of customers, partners and employees

  • Leverage the social, cultural and societal expectations of today

  • Move beyond customer centricity: knowledge of your customer like never before

  • Better attract and retain talents

  • Improve performance of quality

  • Optimize available resources, driving significant cost saving

  • Increase leadership at every level of the organization

  • Drive culture change – from siloed and reactive to united and innovative

  • Create sustainable business and social value

Celine Schillinger