From my Friends to You in 2019

How to grow, learn, and act for change in 2019? Here are some ideas…

I feel lucky to know thoughtful, generous, funny, curious, inspiring people. Women and men across the world, some of whom I’ve met through social media. A number of them write books, organize events, host podcasts and more, which I find wonderful spaces for thoughts, conversations, personal and collective growth. I asked a few of them, in no particular order, what they plan to release in 2019.


Event | Living Systems | UK, June / October 2019 | #livingsystems19

Living Systems.jpg

Organizations as living systems have been a major inspiration for my work in the last few years, thanks to Myron Rogers and John Atkinson. I write about it on a regular basis because I have experienced – and been impressed by – the power of this approach in a real corporate life setting. Myron and John organize a 3-day event on this topic twice in 2019: in June and in October. A not-to-be-missed opportunity! I am so glad I attended a similar session last year – learnt a lot.

Register your interest for the session in June (London and South East) or October (North of England)

May this not distract Myron from his very important work this year! Myron is currently writing a book about the Myron’s Maxims: 6 principles that express the essence of work with(in) living systems. Can’t wait.

Event | Exploring our own frontiers | France, May / June / September 2019 | #Antacara


Antacara in Sanskrit means: “going to the frontiers, walking about the frontiers”. This is precisely what Jillian Reilly, the co-founder of Courage Camp, wants to help us explore – together with Courage Camp alumni Ben Carmel.

Jillian describes Antacara as “a transformative personal journey towards your life’s frontiers. Our three-part approach of individual reflection, group connection, and tailored mentoring reawaken your passions and possibilities”.

A live event gathers a small group of participants in a picturesque, unique setting – an 18th century hunting lodge on an island near Avignon, Provence. Rather than a retreat, Antacara is “a place for people who look to forge forward into their lives” combining structured expeditions with time for reflection and creativity.

Register your interest for the event on the Antacara website. I will support the journey with reflections on Invention & Reinvention.

Book | Crossing the Invisible Line | Ayelet Baron


Our Journey to Corporate Sanity – Transformational Stories from the Frontiers of the 21st Century”, Ayelet Baron’s first book, was a wonderful read. I’ve been inspired for a long time by Ayelet’s wisdom on leadership and I can’t wait for her second book “Crossing the Invisible Line”.

She explains it “focuses on the fact that there is no universal manual for all of us, and shares stories on finding what boxes you may be stuck in and finding your own internal GPS. It also talks about conscious 21st leadership for our times, which starts with leading our lives and integrating work into the adventure called life”.

The book is now in the final revision stage.


Event | Berlin Change Days | November 1-3, 2019 | #bcd19


Absolutely the best Change congress I ever visited!”, “Overall, I am very impressed with what you have done, and I left with many thoughts and feelings to digest. Bravo” are some of the comments left over last year BCD, which was in its 10th edition.

Crafted with intention and masterfully executed by Holger Nauheimer and a team of passionate advisors and facilitators, the Berlin Change Days are a unique experience for change practitioners. “Where's the Transformation? Exploring Inner, Outer and Cyber Spaces that Support Change” is the theme of the 2019 edition. Be sure to book your spot in time, as the number of participants is capped at 150.


Event | Digital Leadership | Lisbon | June 6-7, 2019 | #SocialNow


SocialNow, a very special type of event organized by Ana Neves is back in its 8th edition with a super appealing theme (Digital Leadership) and an impressive first lineup of speakers.

We will talk about networked leadership, digital workplace, employee experience, intranets, enterprise social tools, knowledge management, internal communications, future of work, organizational learning, innovation, project management… and discover tools that can help with all this.

Register now before it’s too late. By the way, Lisbon in June is absolutely *awesome*


Women Talent Development | Find Your Remarkable


Dara Golberg is currently working at a series that will include speaking, workshops, coaching and tools, all geared towards women at every stage of professional and/or personal development, to help them be the absolute best version of themselves and to amplify their voice.

Having meet Dara several times already, knowing about her rich mind and generous soul, I have no doubt this series will be insightful and valuable.


 Podcast | Conversations of Change | Dr. Jen Frahm

Dr Jen Frahm.png

Conversations of Change: A guide to implementing workplace change”, published by Dr Jen Frahm last year, is now coming directly to your ears thanks to a podcast serial that Jen has just released.

The combined six podcasts are designed to assist leaders shape up the decisions they need to make about change programs and projects.

And if you’re lucky enough to be in Toronto by June 13-14 (a great time to enjoy the waterfront), don’t miss Jen who will keynote at Spark the Change Toronto.


Book | Smile | Improv


I met Belina Raffy in Berlin last year and was wowed by her humor and personality. She’s really special! In her upcoming book “Using Improv to Save the World (and me)”, Belina writes about “what happened when I let go of having a home and travelled all the way around the Earth teaching applied improvisation workshops in 12 countries in 3 and a half months. Initially I thought it was going to be a fun business/facilitation book about the workshops I gave (…) but it became clear that the big story was about how I was applying the improvisation principles I was teaching others to my life as I navigated different breakfasts, climates, cultures, two earthquakes, a sand storm, civil unrest, and mind-blowing generosity”.

The ebook version will be launched as part of the Sustainable Living Festival in Melbourne Feb 9. It will be followed by the hard copy (around May) then an audio book (June). On top of being wise and funny, Belina is a hard worker!


School | Change | Health & Care | Community | May to June 2019


Change agent extraordinaire Helen Bevan and her fab NHS Horizons team launch a new edition of the online School for Change Agents, which is free, open to everyone and really great.

I learnt a lot in one of its first editions and have recommended it to many change fellows since then. Feel like “rocking the boat while staying on it”? Join the school! It starts on May 16 and comprises 5 webinars over 5 weeks, all free of charge.


Book | Social CEO | September 2019 | #socialCEO


Damian Corbet has long been an advocate of social media active C-suite professionals – I can’t agree more and eagerly wait for “The Social CEO”, the book in which he will share stories and advice.

Damian and his co-authors are currently finalizing the writing. The Social CEO will be published by Bloomsbury Business in September 2019.


Books | Nordic Leadership


On the Move – Lessons for the future from Nordic leaders by Pernille Hippe Brun is being launched in Davos those days.

Friend Richard Martin has provided his enormous talent as ghostwriter. “the book assesses the convergence of contemporary trends in global business with long-established Nordic practices. It examines what underpins the Nordic leadership ethos, asking what relevance this may have for the rest of the world.” On a related topic, Richard supported Return of the Vikings by Chris Shern and Henrik Jeberg, published in May 2018.

If you have a book in mind and want help to develop your ideas or write, be sure to connect with Richard.


Event | Movement | Compassion | Melbourne, September 10-11, 2019


Extending her longtime work around compassion in healthcare, Mary Freer is launching a Compassion Revolution this year.

Compassion Revolution is a movement where we will learn from those who are creating a compassionate future. Compassion Revolution is so much more than a conference. In 2019 we will be launching a podcast, creating toolkits, delivering workshops, offering mentoring and coaching and building more compassionate communities (…) We are inviting compassionate leaders to bring their wisdom and inspiration to the work of health, aged care and social good”.

Be sure to book your spot if you plan to be in Melbourne in September.


Interventions | Disruptions | Provocation | Art


Peter Vander Auwera has gone an amazing path, from a Financial Industry executive to an artist, or “Thinker – Creator – Sensemaker” as he describes himself. I am in awe with his limitless creativity and his courage.

“What do you do now?” I asked him the other day. – “I create interventions, interruptions and provocations that lead to higher states of alertness and aliveness. Formats can be events, immersive learning experiences, expeditions, research, artwork, installations, performances, writings, soundscapes, recordings, documentaries, or just casual conversations".

Check his projects here and get in touch.


Creative Rituals | Celebration | Event


I had never heard about Creative Rituals before meeting Meike Ziegler but I got blown away when she explained what it was.

“Creatuals commemorates and celebrates special moments through collective and symbolic experiences”. Check her website to know more.

A hugely talented “creative alchemist”, Meike gives lectures and workshops on a regular basis. She is also working on a new book and on some Creatuals for various (inspired) companies this year. Why not yours?


Book | Freedom | Change

Simon Terry.jpg

Change Agents Worldwide Simon Terry is working at a book called Degrees of Freedom.

Planned for late 2019, the book will explore how we go about creating organizations that enable us to realize human potential. Given the topic and the author, I just can’t wait for it!


Research | Community Management | Skills


Rachel Happe will celebrate this year the 10th anniversary of The Community Roundtable she co-founded with Jim Storer.

10 years! Expect some thought-provoking retrospective and important insights in the State of Community Management 2019 report later this year.



Book | Gestalt | Holism | Summer 2019


I was impressed by the depth and gravitas of Eugenio Molini when I met him at the Berlin Change Days last year. Eugenio is a consultant in systemic transformation and organizational resilience.

Beside from a relocation to Sweden, his 2019 will be marked by the publication of “Gestalt Practice: Living and Working in Pursuit of Holism” by Mary Ann Rainey and Brenda B. Jones (Libri Publishing, UK), to which he contributed a chapter.


Quality | Change | Deming | Amsterdam | April 25

Deming April 2019.png

Frans Leijse, one of the most knowledgeable persons in Europe about Deming and a truly wonderful person, will host a conversation on the Deming Management Method together with Bill Bellows, Deputy Director of the Deming Institute.

One full day, in Amsterdam, on April 25: it is a rare opportunity to talk about Deming with those who know his approach the best. Although Deming is no longer with us, there is much we can still learn from him to improve the way organizations work.

Click here to access all info about the event.


 Book Club | Community

Simon's Year of Reading 2019.jpg

Simon Fogg is an avid reader (see his 2019 book list here) and a working-out-loud practitioner.

Combining these two passions, he hosts an online book club (on a Workplace platform) that is open to anyone interested



HR | Design Thinking | Community


Nicole Dessain, the founder of talent.imperative inc, President of DisruptHR Chicago and a ball of energy, has just kicked off the HR Hackathon Alliance.

What is it? It is “a community of HR rebels who believe in the power of human-centered design and design thinking to help solve our most pressing workplace challenges”.

Learn more and join them if you like.


In French

Improv | Fun | Creativity

Laura & Steph.jpg

Friends and former co-workers Laura Millet and Stéphane Ghirardi are wonderful improv actors. They perform as a duo in “Un gars, une fille” and more in various locations in Lyon, France.

I’m inspired by their ability to create powerful, thought-provoking, sometimes strange and sometimes hilarious stories out of nothing.



Book | Mentoring | March 12, 2019


I met Catherine Thibaux a long time ago, first on Twitter, as I started my activist journey on diversity in the workplace.

Catherine’s new book “Les clefs d'un mentoring réussi – Pour réussir dans sa vie professionnelle”, will be released in March. With it, she “hopes to contribute to the development of a culture of mutual support wherever people work together”.



Blog | Feminism | Healthcare


My sister Clara keep a blog (En Jupe) in which she writes about women and health, abuse and violence in healthcare, and the training of healthcare professionals.

She pulls no punches, straight talk guaranteed. ;) 


 What are your ideas to grow, learn, and act for change in 2019? Do you plan to publish a book, release a podcast, host an event or else? Let us know in the comments!

Thumbnail illustration: Yrjö Edelmann, Untitled - via Bukowskis